Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Button Pony Tail Holder -- How To

Well I haven't been blogging much at all! But I do have a little project for you. I like things that are #1 quick, #2 don't require a trip away from home and #3 are useable.

This meets all the requirements... enjoy! Oh and I just used stuff I had laying around... the cuteness potential of what you could make is very high!

What you need:

Two clear elastic ponytail holders
Two buttons
Possibly a needle and some thread

What you do:

1. Hook the two clear elastics together to form one band.

2. Take one elastic band and loop it through a button. To make this easier you can thread a needle and use the thread to pull the the elastic through the button hole.

So you can see in the first picture that I pulled the elastic through the button shank and then pulled the other end of the pony holder through the loop to make a slip knot. Repeat this step for the other side with the other button. Pull buttons to tighten slip knots.

That's it. Pretty simple. Here's a few pictures of some other ones I made and a picture of the inspiration... An original 1980's hair tie bought from the Clackamas Town Center's Hello Kitty store!

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