Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Intro and First Blog

Well, here it goes, another thing to suck up some time. :) I've wanted to do a blog for a while but I was holding back. Who cares about my ideas besides me? Are they really novel or are they already out there in the internet abyss? Time to find out!

So, about me. I was sewing before I learned how to ride a bike. In junior high I started doing strange fashion things that actually might be in style now. (They weren't then.) Like for instance, my mom and I re-purposed some hot pink satin pajamas and I wore them to school at least once. I had several custom made outfits and one super cool vest made out of blue satin Taffeta. And I have to mention my tie skirt. I've talked to people fairly recently who still remember my tie skirt. I still have it actually.

I also started selling crafts around that junior high age. I designed a pattern for a Swatch Watch protector that I made friendship bracelet style out of embroidery floss. I sold some (rainbow) fimo clay stuff and suckers. Yes, I used to sell home made suckers on my bus for 50 cents each. The sugar high might have contributed to the unrulyness of the back seaters. I'm thankful we never made Rus wreck the bus!

So some things don't change much. I for one am estatic that neon is coming back into style, even if I'm too old to actually wear it. I still like rainbows and I still have an odd sense of style. I'm working on it, but my kids sure like the stuff I make! Ok, most of it they like. Some times they run from me when I ask them to try on (another) dress.

The purpose I have in mind for this blog is to share my ideas and do some tutorials. My prayer is that this will help me with the compulsion to make every single thing that I think of and it will also help me get over the fear of having my ideas stolen... which is laughable, you know? There's nothing new under the sun, as Soloman said.

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