Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Sew Ribbon Headband (My first tutorial)

What you need:

$ Ribbon
$ Ponytail Holder
$ Hot Glue Gun
$ Lighter

What you do:

1. You need to measure the head that you're making the headband for. Take the ribbon and put it under the hair at the nape of the neck and bring the ends up and around where the headband would be worn. You want it to be snug, not tight. (In the picture above I used 1" wide ribbon.)

2. Cut the ribbon to the length you measured and heat seal the ends with a lighter. It's always good to measure twice, and cut once so remember that.

3. Make sure your glue gun is warmed up enough to use and have your ribbon and hair tie ready for action. I used a small pony tail holder, the kind you use for braids that has a metal thingy on it. It was probably like an inch in diameter. If you use a larger or smaller hair tie you will have to judge how much space your hair tie is going to take up and adjust your ribbon measurement accordingly.

4. Put some hot glue about an inch up from one end of the cut ribbon. Loop the heat sealed end around the hair tie and secure it to the glue. Hold it together with your fingers, but don't burn yourself! At this point your ribbon should have one end that is folded over about a half inch and glued around the pony tail holder.

5. Repeat step 4 with the other end of the ribbon. Be sure that both heat sealed edges are on one side of the headband and that you don't twist the ribbon. When you finish this step your ribbon should make a continuous loop.

6. If you want to you can take another length of ribbon and tie it in a knot to the pony tail holder on the head band you just made. This gives it a "tied on" look.

Next on the agenda... I'm going to show you how I made a 'mermaid tail' tutu. For those of you who wonder when I sleep... I went to bed at 9pm and was awoken by a baby about 1130pm which is when I did the blog, and now I'm off to bed again. See, I sleep.

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